GP 26
GP 33
GP 42

Offshore Racing Congress launched specific lineal dimensions, displacement, rating moments, surface and crew weight ruling, among others, in order to classify sailing ships in three groups of different sizes (GP26, GP33 and GP42 feet). With these parameters each group competes in real time without any variation of ratings.

An important aspect of this latest ruling is the quality of allowed materials. The biggest ships can use carbon fiber and cured temperature of 90 centigrades; for the sandwich structures, the use of honeycomb is not allowed., the only viable materials are PVC nuclei and wood.

Smallest ones cannot take carbon fiber in the main structure.

Successful designers are working in the development of these new racers; the tendence is towards boats that have large sails surface, great stability and lightness . All these are essential to achieve high speed.

The aim is to promote this type of boats starting with a GP26 followed by a GP33.

The main purpose is to achieve a product that is affordable to the sailor, by developing a boat with an advanced design using epoxi resin, e-glass and PVC foams with cured systems at high temperatures and vacuum systems.

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